About us

We are based in Ekurhuleni and have members throughout this highly industrial sector of the country, with a population of around 2 500 000 people. 

Our Chamber is renowned and focuses on the African continent which is growing rapidly and a region with significant resources. The information we disperse is gained from our sources traveling into Africa and reporting back on their findings as soon as they return, hence the information is totally up to date.  

The ENCCI is a member of a highly informative Africa Program where we have informed access to leads in Africa, especially on the Project side, always remembering that there is downstream business to be gained on any project.  

We have also entered into an Africa Focus Group which concentrates on specific industry sectors where our members are invited to attend these Focus Sector Group meetings as well as having access to the highly informative publication – Weekly Africa Update. 

We pride ourselves with 90% of our attendees to our presentations being key decision makers, i.e Managing Directors, Financial Directors, Export Directors etc.  Networking with these key decision makers lead to numerous business deals and exchange of ideas and opportunities. 

Our key function is informing and assisting members of all recent Announcements and Polices that pertain to business in a timeous manner, all aimed at optimizing the profitability of our member companies. To this end we have direct links into the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council and can effectively address matters on behalf of our members. 

To  name a few of the presentations already held; the Latest BEE Changes by PricewaterhouseCoopers, POPI by Norton’s Inc, The Latest Economic Scenario by the Nedbank’s Chief Economist and world authority,  Dennis Dykes, Equal Pay for Equal Work by the renowned Jonathan Goldberg etc.  We pride ourselves with holding several How To Do Business With several African counties – Botswana, Namibia, Mocambique, Kenya etc and in many cases these presentations are held by their Ambassadors which is a powerful way of a personal introduction in to their country with introductions for your products and services. We also have some innovative and interesting courses such as HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SPIRITS which includes, Mampoer / Moonshine, Brandy, Gin, Vodka and Whisky, Wine 

We endeavor to hold informative and vitally important presentations as soon as a major announcement or Policy is made so that your company can act on the information immediately. 

The Chamber movement is 400 years old, originating in France.  Our Chamber is aligned with the structured National Chamber movement which is Sacci.  Being aligned to Sacci means being motivated by the advancement of broader business interests and not self-interest. Sacci is also the Secretariat for the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) in South Africa.  Sacci is on the board of Busa and Nedlac.  With our Chamber belonging to Sacci  you have access to all the same information as the major conglomerates, at a  fraction  of the cost, our fees starting at R2,000,00 per annum which is a massive saving.